You accrue pension

You accrue pension

If you have started working at Shell before July 1, 2013, you are a participant at SSPF and are accruing pension at SSPF.

You receive pension

You receive pension

* As a retired former Shell employee, you receive a retirement pension from the Pension Fund.

You have left Shell

You have left Shell

You accrued pension with the Pension Fund during your period of employment at Shell.

News Releases

Indexation for active participants

Active participants' pension entitlements grow annually, in line with the development of the majority of the 100% pay-scale positions of Shell Nederland's salary groups. 

One set of Regulations for everyone

As you may have read in the November 2016 Newsletter, all SSPF pension schemes will be accommodated in one set of Regulations as of January 1, 2017. 

November 2016 Newsletter

The digital version of the newsletter of November 2016 is available from this website. This newsletter offers you several articles including the development of the funding ratio, the rise of the AOW age and the survey into communication and service. Additionally, Caroline Omloo, member of the board, introduces herself.

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You can download the Pension Fund’s forms here. You can then print the forms, complete them and then return them to us.

Pension Calculator

With the Pension Calculator you can quickly determine the implications of your choices for your pension income.