Two pension funds, one administrator

The pension scheme for SSPF will remain unchanged after the outsourcing: the accrued rights of participants (average wage) remain unaffected.

For participants who have, or build up, a gross pension in SSPF and a net pension (at SNPS) the contracting out to a single party has the advantage that all accrued pension will be visible in one digital environment –over time.

Board remains ultimately responsible

The Board of SSPF remains ultimately responsible for the administration and communication of the pension fund. Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland maintains, on behalf of the Board of SSPF, the supervision over the execution of the pension administration and communication by SAPB.

Other strategic matters such as governance and risk management remain in-house. Regarding the asset management of SSPF there will be no changes. This continues to be carried out by Shell Asset Management Company (SAMCo).

More information

More information on the details of the cooperation will follow at the end of 2017. Meanwhile any questions about SSPF? Please contact: