A. Definitions

In so far as terms are used in this Complaints Procedure that have been defined in the Constitution or the Regulations of SSPF, they shall be deemed to have the same meaning.

In addition, this Complaints Procedure contains the following terms, which are duly defined below:

Interested party

The person who by virtue of the Pension Fund’s Constitution and/or Regulations, has or believes he/she has rights against the Pension Fund.


The complaint by an interested party regarding the way in which the Pension Fund’s Constitution and/or Regulations are being or will be applied. The interested party adopts the standpoint that his/her rights against the Pension Fund are being or will be impaired, or he/she is being treated incorrectly by the Pension Fund. A complaint within the meaning of this Procedure shall not be deemed to mean any complaint that an interested party may have in the pursuit of his/her membership of the Board or Members’ Council.

B. Complaints procedure

  1. An interested party may send either a letter or an e-mail to the Pension Fund’s board of management to register a complaint. The complaint should initially be addressed to the Pension Administration and Information department. A reasoned response will be sent to the interested party in writing no later than three weeks after the receipt of the complaint.
  2. If the interested party does not wish to acquiesce in the response received, he may submit a written objection to the Managing Director, stating his/her reasons. A reasoned response will be sent to the interested party in writing no later than three weeks after the receipt of the objection.
  3. If the interested party refuses to accept the response received on the basis of paragraph 2, he/she is entitled to approach the Board of the Pension Fund, clearly stating his/her point of view in writing.
  4. The Board is obliged to investigate the complaint. It may therefore approach the individual who has submitted the complaint to demand more information as it sees fit. If the interested party so wishes, the Board will give him/her the opportunity to explain his/her position further in a manner and at a time to be determined by the Board. No later than four months after the Board has received the written complaint and any additional information it may deem necessary, the Board will reach a decision regarding the complaint in question.
  5. The Board will notify the interested party of its decision in writing within two weeks after reaching this decision. In so far as concrete measures have been taken as the result of the complaint, the Board will also notify the interested party of these.

C. Pensions Ombudsman

  1. If the interested party disagrees with the results of the Complaints Procedure as referred to above in B, he/she may approach the Pensions Ombudsman.
  2. In that case, the Pension Fund will comply with the recommendations of the Pensions Ombudsman, unless the Board is of the opinion that there are serious reasons for not doing so.

D. Legal proceedings

If the interested party disagrees with the recommendation of the Pensions Ombudsman, he/she may initiate legal proceedings to have his/her claim heard in a court of law.

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