The SSPF Annual Report includes the first reports about the age and gender composition of the Board and Accountability Council vis-à-vis 2014, and about the efforts made to promote diversity within the bodies.

In consultation with the Accountability Council the Board will establish concrete steps in 2014 to continue promoting diversity in the composition of the various bodies associated with the Fund. Each year the Board assesses the extent to which set targets have been met and whether the resources for this purpose were effective. The Board evaluates the Diversity Policy over the longer term three times per year.

More in Policies

Investment policy

The Board pursues a long-term policy in order to manage the Pension Fund’s assets.

Responsible Investment

The policy of the Shell Pension Fund in the Netherlands (SSPF) in respect of responsible investment (also known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy) is laid down in the Actuarial and Technical Business Report (ABTN).