As of mid 2014 two of the eight SSPF Board members are women. Three Board members are over 60. Two Board members are under 50. Each of the five Board members in active Shell service works for different business units (businesses and functions), including Joint Ventures, in the Netherlands and abroad. The backgrounds of retired Pension Fund Managers within the company are also diverse.

The SSPF Accountability Council consists of 3 women per July 1, 2014. The four members representing the active participants are aged between 40 and 60. The eight members who represent the pension beneficiaries are over 60 years of age. The experience and background, within Shell, of representatives of the active participants as well as of the pension beneficiaries is very diverse.

One of the four members of the Board of Supervisors is a woman. She is also the Chairman. The members of the Board of Supervisors have diverse professional and company backgrounds.

In the Board's opinion a reasonable level of diversity has been achieved with regard to age and gender. SSPF regards the Diversity Policy as a growth model. The policy ensures continuous attention to diversity in the various bodies associated with the Fund.

July 2014

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Investment policy

The Board pursues a long-term policy in order to manage the Pension Fund’s assets.

Responsible Investment

The policy of the Shell Pension Fund in the Netherlands (SSPF) in respect of responsible investment (also known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy) is laid down in the Actuarial and Technical Business Report (ABTN).