Execution of the policy for Responsible Investing – 1st quarter

In the first quarter of 2017 SSPF voted by proxy at 745 shareholder meetings (6,795) resolutions). At 358 of those meetings SSPF opposed one or more resolutions. SSPF voted with management by exception at 6 meetings and abstained at 4 meetings. SSPF supported management on all resolutions at the remaining 377 meetings.

Hermes EOS engaged on behalf of SSPF with 205 companies held in the portfolios on a range of 516 social, environmental and governance issues.

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Voting report 1st quarter 2017

Engagement report 1st quarter 2017

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Funding policy / Policy funding ratio

The Pension Fund must ensure that the pension undertakings given by the employer can be paid both now and in the future. The funding ratio is used to measure this.