Your deferred pension commences

Your deferred pension commences on the retirement date that applies to according to the relevant Regulations. If you left Shell employment under Regulations VI, your retirement date will be when you reach the age of 67.

You are required to apply for your pension yourself, but if your address is known to the Pension Fund, you will receive notification of this several months before your pension is scheduled to commence.

If you left Shell employment after 1st July 1996, you may make various pension choices no later than two months before your pension is scheduled to commence.

Pension specification

You receive your pension specification following payment of your first pension benefit. You will henceforth receive a new specification in January and December of each year. You also receive a new pension specification on the interim if your pension or if any deductions are adjusted. If you have any questions about the pension specification, please see the bottom of the form for further information.

AOW benefit

You are entitled to a Dutch State pension under the General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW) as from your AOW age as it applies on the retirement date. Some time before become entitled to AOW benefit, you submit your application to the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB).

Other pension entitlements

If you have other pension entitlements from other employers, you are required to apply for these pensions yourself some time before they are scheduled to commence.

If you no longer know whether you have accrued any other pension entitlements with a previous employer in The Netherlands, the (Dutch only) site of the Pension Register(Pensioenregister) provides one simple overview. The Pension Register Foundation collects your pension entitlements from the Social Insurance Bank and from the pension scheme administrators.

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New employer

If you have left Shell employment to work for a new employer, you might want to transfer your pension entitlements from Shell to that new employer.