Am I required to notify the Pension Fund?

If you receive a partner’s pension and plan to marry or cohabit with a new partner, you are not required to notify the Pension Fund of this. If you reside in the Netherlands and are about to marry or enter into a legally registered partnership, the municipality will notify the Pension Fund about this change in your personal circumstances. This is also the case if your address should change.

When you are not resident in the Netherlands you should notify the Pension Fund yourself of changes in your personal circumstances.

Also, if the name and/or bank or giro account number to which your pension payments are transferred should change, you are required to notify the Pension Fund of this in writing (not by e-mail or by fax).  

Will my pension change?

Your partner’s pension rights came into effect after the decease of your partner.

As a general rule, your pension will not change when you marry or cohabit with a new partner. There are a number of exceptions to this rule. The Pension Fund will notify you immediately if anything in your pension has changed.

You receive a personal pension summary in July of each year. This sets out the various components of your pension.

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