Pension payments

The pension payments are made monthly in advance. In practice you can expect the amount to be credited to your bank or giro account by the fifth working day at the latest of the respective month. The Pension Fund itself does not make the pension payments, but gives a payment order to the bank.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, your pension payments will be credited to your bank or giro account on the dates listed below. Payments can be made a.m. or p.m. and we cannot give an exact timing. The payments will not be in your account before the dates listed.

  • Payment abroad

    You may also have your pension paid outside the Netherlands. In that case you yourself are liable to pay any bank charges associated with this.

  • Different bank account number

    If the bank account number to which your pension payments are transferred should change, you are required to notify the Pension Fund of this in writing (or scanned by e-mail or by fax). Please include a copy of your proof of identity. The address is listed on this website under contact.

Indexation of your pension

You can read more about pension indexation in the broad outlines of the indexation policy.

Pension payment dates 2018

pension over the month of payment date 2018
January Tuesday, January 2
February Thursday, February 1
March Thursday, March 1
April Tuesday, April 3
May Tuesday, May 1
June Friday, June 1
July Monday, July 2
August Wednesday, August 1
September Monday, September 3
October Monday, October 1
November Thursday, November 1
December Monday, December 3

December 2017

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