In which countries is a parallel pension applicable?

If during your working life at Shell you worked in one of the countries below before January 1, 2006, you have accrued a parallel pension.

  • Belgiu
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Switzerland

Why will parallel pensions be deducted from my Shell pension?

Parallel pensions will be deducted from your Shell pension because the contributions for these state pensions were paid by Shell and not by the employee.

What should I do?

Four months before you reach Statutory retirement age, you should contact the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) to apply for your foreign state pension. You should also indicate that you may be entitled to a foreign state pension.

You will find the website of the SVB via “handy links” at the bottom of this page.

British state pension

If you are going to claim a British state pension, you will need a "National Insurance Number". If you no longer have this number, leave this open in the application. You can read all the information about a British state pension on the website of The Pension Service; you will find this page via “handy links” below. Your partner may also be entitled to a British state pension. You can also apply for this yourself via the SVB.

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