About my pension

How is my pension adjusted when the prices rise? 

You can read about pension indexation in the broad outlines of the indexation policy.

I have accrued other pension entitlements. What may be the effect on my pension? 

You may have accrued other pension entitlements during your working life at Shell. Some of these pension entitlements are deducted from your Shell pension once they commence. That is the case in the event of ‘parallel pensions’. The page titled ‘Retirement pension - AOW and other benefits’ contains more information about deduction of other pension entitlements.

Pension entitlements that you have accrued with other employers, before or after your working life at Shell will not have effect on your Shell pension.

I have opted for ‘high/low’ (or ‘low/high’). Do I have to take any other action? 

If you opted for a ‘high/low’ construction at the commencement of your pension, you need do nothing further. Your choice is a definite one and you can no longer change anything. After the ‘high’ period has expired, the Pension Fund ensures that you will then receive the commensurately lower pension.

The same applies in the event that you had opted for a ‘low/high’ construction. At the end of the ‘low’ period, the Pension Fund automatically pays the commensurately higher pension.

The personal pension summary you receive each year sets out all the pension data relating to you.

I have elected to exchange my pension. What happens next? 

If you have elected to exchange your partner’s pension for your retirement pension as of your pension commencement date, you receive a letter from the Pension Fund setting out your choice and the consequences thereof. Your choice cannot be altered and nothing will change while you are both alive.

In the event of the predecease of one of the partners, the retirement pension or the partner’s pension may be adjusted as a consequence of the exchange. This depends on the precise exchange options you selected when your pension commenced.

The personal pension summary you receive each year sets out all the pension data relating to you.

At what age will my state pension start?

Follow this link to find out your state retirement age: http://www.checkuwaowleeftijd.nl/

(available in Dutch only)

What will happen if...?

....I plan to start working again: will this have any consequences for my pension? 

If you are a retiree and plan to resume (salaried) employment, this will not result in any changes to your pension. There may be consequences for your tax situation. The Tax and Customs Administration's (Belastingdienst) website contains more information about this.

....my entitlement to a foreign state pension will commence shortly: what action should I take? 

When your foreign state pension is due to commence, you are required to apply for this. The Pension Fund will notify you in writing in due time regarding when, where and how you are required to apply for this pension.

....my WAO percentage is to change: what will happen to my pension? 

If your disability benefit is deducted from your pension and the benefit changes, the deduction will also change. This takes place automatically. Each month, the body responsible for administering occupational insurance arrangements notifies the Pension Fund about changes to WAO percentages.

The Pension Fund processes any adjustments to the disability benefit with effect from 1st July of each year.

Where can I find information?

I need a statement of income. What should I do? 

You may require a statement of income from the Pension Fund, for example if you wish to take out a mortgage. In that case, please contact the Pension Administration and Information department. The department’s staff can access your pension data and will be pleased to assist you.

I don’t know whether I’ve accrued any other pension entitlements. Whom should I contact about this? 

If you no longer know whether you have accrued any other pension entitlements with a previous employer in The Netherlands, the (Dutch only) site of the Pension Register(Pensioenregister) provides one simple overview.

How will I be informed?

All news items and publications can be found on the website.

You receive a personal pension summary in July of each year, containing the relevant data about your pension and any adjustments made.

In June or July of each year you receive a brochure with a summary of the activities in the past year and the key figures.

Finally, all pension beneficiaries receive 'Voeksnieuws'. This publication contains important announcements from the Pension Fund for pension beneficiaries.

Whom can I contact if I have specific questions about my pension? 

There are various ways in which you can contact us with your questions or comments.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about gross/net calculations? 

The website of the Tax Authority (Belastingdienst) contains a ‘green table’ (groene tabel)setting out the levies applied to your gross pension payments.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about AOW benefits? 

Please contact the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB) with questions about AOW benefits.

You can visit the different external websites mentioned on this page via 'useful links'.

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