You are receiving a part-time pension

While you are partially retired, you still participate in the pension scheme. And so you continue to accrue pension entitlements during the remaining working hours.

For information about the pension entitlements you are still accruing as a participant, please consult another section of this website, via the link below.

You accrue pension

You can find more information in this section of the website about the part of your pension that is already being paid out.

When you retire in full

When you reach your retirement date, you will retire in full. That is when your part-time pension is merged, if possible, with your remaining pension entitlements to form one retirement pension.

If it is not possible to merge these entitlements, for example because they fall under two different Regulations, you will receive two separate retirement pensions.

More in You receive retirement pension

AOW and other benefits

If you receive a retirement pension, a number of things may change when you become eligible for the AOW benefit.