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Getting married/ living together

If you get married or enter into a legally registered partnership while you are a Pension Fund participant, your partner will be entitled to a partner’s pension.

Working part-time

If you work part-time or start working part-time, this will affect your pension. During the period(s) in which you work part-time, you accrue less pension entitlements than during the period(s) in which you work 100%.

Service abroad

If you are employed by Shell abroad, you can remain a Pension Fund participant in most cases. However, there are implications for your AOW benefit.

Unpaid or parental leave

If you take unpaid or parental leave, you will continue to participate in the pension scheme. However, you do not accrue further pension entitlements, nor do you pay pension contribution during that period.

When you retire

When you retire, you receive a statement of your accrued pension entitlements from the Pension Fund. You will also receive an example of a pension specification and an explanation of its components.

If you have accrued any other pension entitlements you must apply for these yourself in good time.