Pension specification

You receive your pension specification following your first pension payment. You will receive a new specification in January and December of each year. You also receive a new specification on the interim if the deductions are adjusted. If you like to ask a question about your specification, please use the contact details on the bottom of the specification.

Other pension entitlements

If you have accrued any other pension entitlements you must apply for these yourself in good time.

If you no longer know whether you have accrued any other pension entitlements with a previous employer in The Netherlands, you can look in the Pension Register (Pensioenregister). On the site: '' (Dutch only) you can find all pension entitlements you have accrued with different pension administrators within The Netherlands.

AOW benefit

You need to apply for your AOW benefit, the Dutch State pension, in good time before you become entitled to AOW benefit.

Foreign state pensions

You yourself are required to apply for any foreign state pension before that enters into effect. This is also applicable to your partner. You will receive a letter from the Pension Fund in due time,explaining what you are required to do.


If you wish you can, as a retired Shell employee, become a member of VOEKS, the Vereniging van Oud-Employés der "Koninklijke Shell". You will receive more information via HR or you can go to the VOEKS' website.

If you are a retiree and would like to know more, you can find information in the special retirees' section of the website "You receive pension".

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