Your annual pension accrual consists of two parts.

  1. Increases of pension entitlements accrued in previous years. This increase is based on annual increases in the majority of salary scales at Shell Nederland.
  2. Pension accrual in the current year

On pension basis up to EUR 30,000 (top level positions in job group 15) you accrue 1.12% pension.

On the portion of the pension basis between EUR 30,000 and EUR 95,672 you accrue 2.05% pension.

No pension is accrued on the portion of the pension basis that exceeds EUR 95,672 at SSPF. If your pensionable salary exceeds the permissible tax threshold you may participate in the Shell Net pension scheme.



Your pension basis amounts to EUR 50,000 and your accrued pension is EUR 10,000.

Salary scales increase by 1.5%.

Your accrued pension will be increased based on the rise in salary scales. Consequently, accrued pension will be increased by EUR 150 (=1.5% x EUR 10,000).

Additionally you accrue pension in the current year. This accrual amounts to EUR 746 and is equal to the sum of the following amounts:

1.12% x EUR 30,000 = EUR 336

2.05% x (EUR 50,000 - EUR 30,000) = EUR 410

February 2016

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AOW benefit

When you become entitled to AOW benefit, the Dutch State pension, you will receive this benefit in addition to your retirement pension.

Pension contribution

To fund the annual costs required to finance pension entitlements accrued during the year in question, a contribution is established.