Employers' contribution

The employers' contribution is determined on the basis of the Administration Agreement between the Pension Fund and Shell Petroleum N.V.

Participant's contribution

All employees who are participants in the Pension Fund are required to pay contributions. Each month, the employer withholds these contributions from the employees’ salaries and transfers them to the Pension Fund. The Regulations establish the maximum level of contributions to be paid by the participants; the remainder is paid by the employer.

The participant's contribution is a percentage of the pensionable salary. This is equal to 12 months’ salary plus the lump-sum payments in April and/or December plus 3% on salary up to a maximum of 100% scale position in salary group 3 plus any Pensionable Supplements you may receive.

Employers' contribution 15.4% of the pensionable salary up to EUR 95,672
2% of the pensionable salary up to EUR 95,672

If your pensionable salary exceeds the fiscal limit of €95,672 you may participate in the Shell Net pension scheme.

March 2017

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AOW benefit

When you become entitled to AOW benefit, the Dutch State pension, you will receive this benefit in addition to your retirement pension.