1) How will my accrued pension entitlements be adjusted along with salary development?

Your accrued pension will be indexed annually based on developments in the majority of top level positions in job groups 1 to 15 as employed in the remuneration system of Shell Nederland B.V. This means that, as long as you are in Shell service, your pension will automatically be adjusted in line with salary development at Shell Nederland.

2) Will I bear the risk of accruing a pension in the Shell average salary scheme myself?

No, in the SSPF average salary scheme you will simply continue to accrue pension annually on salary up to the permissible fiscal limit. This pension will be adjusted annually in line with salary development at Shell Nederland (unconditional indexation), including pension accrued before 2015, as long as you are in company service.

3) I worked on shifts for a number of years in the past, how does that fit into the Shell average salary scheme?

The number of years during which a shift work supplement was received is included in the calculation of accrued pension entitlements up to and including 2014. Therefore no accrued entitlements will be lost. All accrued entitlements will subsequently be transferred to the average salary scheme and indexed annually. Additionally, as of 2015, normal pension accrual will take place in accordance with the average salary scheme.

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