Early retirement and temporary pension

When you wish to take early retirement, you may opt for a temporary pension until you reach your AOW age. Temporary pensions may be paid out in addition to your retirement pension until you reach your AOW age as it applies on the retirement date. However, under fiscal legislation, a temporary pension may not exceed the AOW for a married couple, maximum EUR 20,297,76 (February 2017). In addition, you can also make use of what is termed the high/low construction.

Part-time retirement and temporary pension

If you take part-time retirement, your temporary pension may then not exceed the AOW for a married couple multiplied by your part-time retirement percentage.

If you opt for a temporary pension, you can indicate this on the form "Final pension choices".

Form "Final pension choices"

you wish to make one or more pension choices

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Pensioen 1-2-3

You can download Pensioen 1-2-3 by clicking on the image. After that, you can print out the PDF easily.