Variable pension

Higher first, and then lower

You might prefer to have a higher income during your first years of retirement than thereafter, for instance if you have children who are still studying, or because you have not paid off your mortgage entirely. The high/low variant might be a good solution for you in that case.

You will then receive a temporarily higher pension than your ‘default’ pension as from your retirement date. After elapse of the agreed period, your pension will then, of course, be lower than your ‘default’ pension. The modification to high/low does not affect the level of partner’s pension.

Lower first, and then higher

The converse is also possible: first temporarily a lower and later a higher pension. This solution might appeal, for example, if your partner plans to continue working for a number of years, which means it is sufficient to receive a somewhat lower pension during that time.

Again, this modification does not affect the level of partner’s pension.

Ratio between high and low

The ratio between the higher and lower pension you can opt for is tied to certain limits. These are stated in the tables appended to the Regulations.

Table pension choices

If you opt for variable pension, you are required to notify the Pension Fund of your choice no later than two months before your retirement. You should use the form 'Final pension choices' that you can find on this website.

Final pension choices

you wish to make one or more pension choices

More in You accrue pension

Temporary pension

If you take early retirement before your AOW age, as it applies on the retirement date, you may opt for a temporary retirement in order to bridge the lack of AOW. This is paid out of your accrued retirement pension. It will be paid out until you reach your AOW age.

Choosing part-time retirement

In consultation with your employer, you may start retiring gradually by taking part-time retirement (part-time pension) from the age of 55.

Pensioen 1-2-3

You can download Pensioen 1-2-3 by clicking on the image. After that, you can print out the PDF easily.