You receive a supplement in addition to your salary

Under certain circumstances, you may receive one or more supplements in addition to your salary. Some supplements count towards the accrual of your pension entitlement: these are referred to as pensionable supplements. The employer determines whether a supplement is pensionable. A shiftwork supplement may, for example, be a pensionable supplement.


If you start working in a shift system, you will receive a shift work supplement. If the employer deems the shift work supplement to be pensionable it will be factored into your pension accrual.

At SSPF you accrue gross pension up to the permissible tax threshold. If your pension basis exceeds the permissible tax threshold due to the pensionable shift work supplement you may participate in the Shell net pension scheme to maximise your pension accrual. If your pension basis exceeds the fiscal limit you will automatically receive information about the Shell net pension scheme.

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If you become disabled, you may under certain conditions be entitled to a disability pension.